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RNGs and speedties

I wish the tournaments are actually more skill based, and less RNG and speedtie based. Idk if it’s just me but RNG almost always favours the opponent I face, I’m not talking one single crit or stun fail or dodge fail. I’m talking about multiple stun fails and/or crit/dodge fail in a single game. I’ve lost 4 games in a row (from highscore) purely because of rubbish RNGs and I’m stuck down there for hours already, watching the my rank drop one by one. Not to mention I’ve purposely battled at a time where most sweaty finger american kids are asleep so I have a better chance at speedties… which I’ve still not won a single tie this whole day

Some RNG examples
Opponent Doedi rampage crit through a max health ornitho
Stun fail 4/5 times in the match, opponent’s worked every time
Lion dodge failed (from andrew) which led to swap in
Andrew no crits against spino (most of the time)
Both swap in stuns, I act first…and you know what happens after
Opponent nasuto critting