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Roadmaps are commonplace in gaming these days, so it baffles me that Ludia won’t release a Roadmap for Lovelink.

I get they might not tell us who’s coming back and when as a way to mimic a real-life dating app, but this isn’t a real-life dating app, it’s a game. And while having a match suddenly return unexpected is a pleasant surprise, I’d much rather know when my favourite characters are coming back. That way, I don’t have to wish and hope that my favourites will return soon.


Yes, definitely! I hate not knowing who’s coming back and when. I’ve been waiting for weeks to a month for a lot of characters :frowning:


Yeah, I think it would be a great idea. I know things can get delayed and everything, but even having a bit of a broad timeline for when characters will return/get an update would be nice.

Plus, it’d probably help satiate fans who are complaining and feeling a bit frustrated, and make everyone feel like Ludia is listening and trying to be a bit more transparent/have a bit more of a dialogue with them.


I agree there’s plenty of characters that they seemingly abandoned like William, Daniel, Sage, Jasmin, Capt Muffin, Blake hell even Sheng and Stefan

That’s not including the characters I mentioned in a different thread