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Roaming Dinosaur Event


I don’t know if this would be program achievable. I would like to see a roaming dino weekly events where like the current events, you are allowed a certain number of these dinosaurs weekly.

Consist the roamer event of Epic’s and Legendary’s. You would be allowed 3 epics and 1 legendary every week, if your able to run across them or they wander by.

Wandering epic’s would be a random, one spawn every square kilometer, a random of 1000 meters X direction and 1000 meters y direction from the static spawn point.

Wandering legendary’s would be a random, one spawn every square 10 kilometers, a random of 10000 meters X direction and 10000 meters Y direction from the static spawn point.

The randomness of spawn locations ensures no one can wait for things to spawn at a particular point, even if they spawn at a set time.

Once spawned, Epics will begin to wander at a random direction angle for either a random amount of time or random distance. Epics random wandering distance would be less and legendary’s more. At the end of the distance, they stop for a minute and then wander another random angel and distance.

Speed can also be random. Epic’s can wander at a random 5-15 Kph and Legendary’s wander at 15-25 Kph. This ensures they cover a lot of land area over the time they are out.

The time at which they are out can be a random of 3 to 6 hours and then they despawn and another random dino will then spawn at another random location and wander.

To see and chase down wandering dino’s or hope one wanders by close enough to catch would add another level of interest to the game and would keep people on and watching. It would add stalking like deer hunters do along with going out to hunt things down.

Please consider if this is possible.