Robbed of my champion


Boy was I excited this morning when a Rex popped up on my radar, I was so close to finally possessing raw, unmatched power. I hopped in my car and got to his location in record time, it was a blissful moment. My drone soared into the sky, my dream, almost a reality. It was a short flight, there were no screams of joy, just a sigh of relief that I had finally attained one of the greatest animals, the world had ever seen. I headed straight for the arena with my new champion, the opponents cowered in fear, a victory was obtained, without merely breaking a sweat. Much to my amazement, we even obtained a rare incubator. A first, within our first victory. This was to be the beginning of something spectacular. Or so I thought it would be. Shortly after a routine run to the shops, fuelled up the car, a quick dash to the supermarket, a quick check on my beloved champion while endulging in a sausage bap. “Ah”, I thought, “A touch of maintenance. I wonder what glorious modifications they will be making to the already wonderous application.” Seconds turn to minutes, the minutes turn to hours. Finally, we’re up and running. To my absolutely despair, my champion, my beloved champion, is nowhere to be seen. I scroll down through my collection, in a panicked fashion. “He must just be in the collection rather than my team”, I said to myself. “He must be”. Soon the realisation kicks in that my champion is not in my collection. I pause. I slowly start to scroll into the “Not Collected” area, and there I see it. My champion, my prince, no longer… mine. I still haven’t come to terms with such a loss. I had a lot planned with my beloved, and that has been stripped away. We have been promised another incubator, and yet, that is also, not in sight. I am sore after this, what can only be described as a, heart wrenching ordeal. Although having that incubator would be nice, it would help the pain, it is not quite the same as having my champion. However, I am yet to see either. So I guess I should stop hoping, and accept the truth. Take care my Prince, I shall be reunited with you some day.


Hi there, Joshd, I am real sorry to hear about what happened to your new champion, but I want to take the opportunity to thank you for being so level-headed about it; I’m not sure I could say the same about my reaction, were our positions reversed. Unfortunately, there was a server issue which briefly caused our game to go into maintenance. Although we have since fixed the issue, there was a rollback in our account saves to 5 AM EST on May 16th, 2018. We’ve already sent out a reward to all players, as a thank you for your patience during the maintenance-related pause. I know it’s not the same thing as getting the King of all tyrannosaurids back on your team, but with your positive attitude I’m sure you’ll encounter another one in the wild soon enough. Please note that you may have to close and re-start your game session in order for the gift to appear. If there’s anything else that you need, please let me know!


Greetings John,

Thank you so much for you kind words, it truly means a lot. I know it is of no fault of your own, and these situations occasionally occur. It is just one of the occasions, that cannot be helped. I appreciate all that yourself and the team are doing for the community, it shows how much you all care, and is much appreciated. Since the ordeal, I knew my champion would not wish to see my see glum, so I carried on my quest, in his honour. I have recently obtained a Stegoceratops, which has helped me regain my focus. I truly look forward to crossing paths with my champion once more, it shall be a magnificent day.

Thank you again for your thoughtful message!

Kind regards,


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