Rodrigues fallout

I just wanted the coins I wasted leveling alloraptor and it’s ingredients back, since I was told I’d be able to hunt the new flock. You can guess what they said. Fine - happy to cancel.


I removed my subscription a week ago too. It clearly shows through that Jamcity/Ludia is only continuing to develop this game for the sake of milking all the cash out of people until they quit, something I don’t want to partake in.


Hey dude omg it’s you

Canceling a $10 thing makes a point but doesn’t hurt their business when the same people still buy incubators for $100 or whatever you spend. You can cut $10 but if you don’t cut all purchasing nothing is really impacted.

I have never paid and never will and I’m fine aside from the bugs, lags, and losing interest in the game aside from the time spent and some friends I’d probably quit myself.


Fair point. I think it is, becoming obvious to people, that any purchase will have no value after a period of three months or less, because power creep and stealth nerfs will make what you thought was competitive to be useless in a very short time.

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I used to buy stuff ingame. Not much, maybe 100 bucks per month.
First I stopped buying boosts, after reworking entire class and not giving boost reset.
I wasn’t buing any bundles anymore, because what’s the point if creatures were becoming useless in few months anyway?
Now, after Rodrigues bait and switch, VIP is the only thing I pay for, and I’m thinking if it’s still worthy, as hunting is now useless.

Rodrigues any good?

If you are worried about doing your supply drops without distance, I wouldn’t worry about it. If you want your coins you’ll max them regardless. $10 for what?

Yeah I cancelled my VIP also. I only use it for more DNA when darting and if there are no, or only one more dino to dart, then meh, not worth the money. So yeah all these exclusive dinos just reduces the need to buy VIP in my book.

Since the only DNA worth getting is exclusive, why should I use VIP to shoot creatures for more DNA gaining opportunities?

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