Rogue Diplocaulus again? Monday Errors

It seems like the map has undergone a complete reset, with all event drops gone. Not only that, the Daily Reward got switched to Brachiosaurus instead of T-Rex, and we have lost the Tournament and Leaderboard in the battle tab. Additionally, it seems like the number of spawns have also been greatly reduced. Raid Bosses and Sanctuaries are still around though. Ludia, has a rogue Diplocaulus messed up your coding again?


I’ve notified our team. Thanks, Bart_H!


Event drops bugged out, then disappeared after restart.

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Bug Description: There are no more green drops and no more fights on my map. Also the tournament is not there anymore

Area is was found in: Map and Fighting Menu

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- open game
Step 2 - look at the map and see no green drops or fights (already tried reloading)
Step 3- go to fighting menu and there is no tournament

How often does it happen: always since 20 minutes

What type of device are you using: Samsung Phone

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)Screenshot_20210118-183650_JW Alive
Screenshot_20210118-183654_JW Alive

Green drops are still here but they are just not spinning for me

Same…all green Drops and StrikeEvents are gone.

Screenshot_20210118-094020_JW Alive Screenshot_20210118-094008_JW Alive Screenshot_20210118-094006_JW Alive I am still confused


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Once again I ask myself can we ever go 1 full week without a problem? Answer seems to be no. It’s getting so boring to experience stuff like this now.


Hey DPG members, our team has been notified of this! Thank you for letting us know. :sweat:


all players in clan on 0
cups No Alliance or Main Tournament Raids invites failing ev time done 1 raid All Day !!! clan so fed up some have quit game others close to leaving loads cancelled premium image image 1 player has managed 2 raids in 3"" weeks hes had enuff PLEASE Ludia close the game down and SORT these issues once and for all ive logged odd and in soo many times recently !! please sort issues Urgently Thank You Andy

Seeing the same things. Daily reward swapped to Brachiosaurus, strikes and green cubes gone from map, tournament button missing, pvp leaderboard missing, raids all time out.

Game glitched and had trouble logging in, now all the green supply drops have disappeared as has the raid bosses and the battle incubators.

Anyone else have this issue

Daily changed to Brachio from Rex too… how embarrassing.

All battles are timing out in arena. No way to get incubators, thanks ludia for putting us behind on missions already! We love working twice as hard every day because of random bugs that shouldn’t be happening.


This morning it showed that I would get t rex as a daily reward . A daily reward that I need very much. Now it suddenly changed. Did I miss something? Shouldn’t it still be trex since January isn’t over yet?

I got the same thing today

Also nothing in the market apparently

So the game seems to be going crazy right now.

The mission rewards suddenly changed

My alliances arena scores all display 0

The store is missing offers…

And not to mention the errors and missing buttons in the arena page

What is happening and is anyone else having these issues? Many people in my alliance have the same problem so I’m assuming it’s a problem on Ludia’s end

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Green Supply drops, Strike events, and event creatures are also missing

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Also, no green supply drops or strike towers! :weary: