Rogue legendary worse than common?

How is this legendary piece of equipment for the rogue better than the common one? The common has a 25% chance of stealth at the start of the turn, but the legendary one gives you a 25% chance after the fact you get hit? Am I missing something here?

When you unlock it I would guess it will give you a higher stat bump than the common one. But I do agree that the ability is worse.

100% Agree with you, they should change the ability around

The common one only gives a chance of stealth at the start of your turn. The legendary gives a chance for stealth whenever you are hit, even if it’s not your turn. How is that not better?

I guess I assumed that once the rogue gets hit, it won’t have much health left anyway. Where as if it’s stays in stealth until you are ready to use it, it stand less of a chance of getting hit. I guess your right if at higher levels it can absorb more damage and have a chance of disappearing on the opponents turn.

If the Rogue gets a bad Initiative roll then it can be hit by everyone when wearing Common gear, but it might gain Stealth after just one or two hits with Legendary gear, saving it from further harm… Likewise, if the Rogue has a good Initiative roll and DOESN’T activate the Stealth at the start with Common gear, it’s a sitting duck… Against multiple monsters, the Legendary gear provides a better chance of the ability being activated (you could take more hits than you will have turns with that character)…