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ROGUE -- Oh come on now. OVER POWERED

  1. Rogue can now move - gain action
  2. Rogue uses Poisoner’s Kit - Gain extra action
  3. Rogue attacks for 3/4 attacks

Is this a bit much? I have this combo too…and it is way to tough imho - especially with Kill. Couple other good combos too! :slight_smile:

Anyone agree or do you think it is balanced?

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I agree, they have slightly overpowered the original rogue. This character is certainly a much better weapon now. However, it is still somewhat easy to kill.
Perhaps they would have been better served to have reduced the proc rate on this extra action. I’ve only noticed it fail once.

On another note. I find it strange that they added the extra action to the epic item, not the Legendary. This is now another example where I am gainfully equipping the less common item.

It’s fine. There’s a few characters that can out right kill something else turn one. At least it takes a little bit of skill to use the rogue as opposed to the Ranger where you just tap the screen an if the procs go your way, you won. My only issue is it makes several items no brainers since they are so good.

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