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Rogues is looking for active players

TeaRex Rogues has several openings currently. Rogues is the new sister Alliance to TeaRex Hunters (currently 14th in Alliance Championship), and shares the TeaRex Hunter Discord with access to most of our channels including the raid channels, raid strategies, team building and tournament team channels (for advice on how to build your teams). We do some team swapping on epic DNA Sundays to help Rogues DNA requests. And the top 5 Rogues tournament players who are also active on Discord are invited to TeaRex Hunters at the end of the Alliance Championships to collect tier 9 rewards.
We are looking for active players who want to learn and grow. We ask that you do at least the ten takedowns each week in tournaments. Discord is required. Please message me if interested.

Im in level 12 and i have a little more of 3000 trophies but i can have discord but i active so i can join please

Sorry, I can’t have discord but Im active and i can help on Raids

Thanks, but we do require Discord for people to join. If you have Discord I can get you in.

Oh so sorry i can’t have discord,what alliance do you recommend that I do not use discord

We currently have openings in Rogues for active players who are tournament eligible and will do the ten takedowns. Discord requires.

Hey, I’m a long time player looking for a new team. Level 20 and active, and have discord. Hit me up if interested. IGN is SweepTheLegs. Cheers

Hello - thanks for your interest in Rogues. Rogues is a new project for us which we are trying to gradually build up replacing some of the less active players for more active ones. We are looking for people willing to help the Alliance improve. We don’t have level 20 sanctuaries yet, but hope to in time. We do offer some perks, such as access to TeaRex Hunters Discord and all our tournament teams and team building channels, as well as our raid and raid strategies channels. And Rogues can join in raids with Hunters players. We also usually have some of our players go to Rogues on Sunday to do some epic DNA donations. And, we offer the top tournament players in Rogues the opportunity to come to TeaRex Hunters and collect Alliance Championship rewards at the end of the Championship (we typically get tier 9 rewards, will get tier 10 this month).
If interested contact me on Discord, IreneA#9421



Hi, have sent a friend request to connect on discord from SweepTheLegs#8194

Currently looking for some active players to join Rogues. Must be tournament eligible and use Discord. Message me if interested