Role for Echo?


My neighbourhood is thick with echos and I’m sitting on a huge amount of her DNA, but I can’t seem to conceive of a good role for her on my team. I thought maybe a good Blue counter since she’d be immune to pounces attack reduction and echo can remove Blue’s shields, but she just doesn’t have the HP or speed to stand a chance in that scenario.

Anyone seen echo in the arena?


Haven’t seen echo in the arena it’s the other 3 that are used ,Echo is the weakest out of the 4 raptors and has the worst move set so wouldn’t bother putting her on your team


Pretty much what I was thinking. Any role I could think of I could think of another stronger dino that could do it better.


It’s a one shot clinic waiting to happen, literally any other raptor, or even the common Tany will absolutely destroy this thing.