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Roll Back - Boost Immediately, Boost Cautiously, Remain Unboosted?

After the boost roll back, what is your plan?

  1. Fly all your boosts on your teams immediately?
  2. Take the time to determine what is the smartest way to use your boosts?
  3. Remain unboosted for a while, listening to forum feedback before applying anything?
  4. If unboosted now, remain unboosted.

I will remain unboosted with both my accounts for a week, research, listen to feedback here and have those epic strike towers a bit more challenging. Then I will determine how and what to boost on my first account.

My 2nd account will remain unboosted for the reason of the large pool of creatures I have at team level. I can’t possibly boost them all and it would mess my pool balance. The ‘end game’ goal for my 2nd account is playing teams level 16-21 range, commons through unique’s, (meaning all of them at my disposal).

I’m going to try to remain unboosted for a short while. See how my team does as I figure out who to boost.

I’ve got plenty of time to figure out how to spread them out across my team. Boost immediately.

Option #4.

I think the smart option will be cautious redistribution over time. The meta will shift from this and rushing to conclusions may lead to some dead ends. There will be.some “safe” bets but its probably smart to take your time

1 and 2

Something like Maxima is straight up health and attack boost.

Something like I-raptor or Erlidom will need more thought

I leveled a couple of my creatures so far before the roll back (which has left me really broke in the coin department). For what I will do after, I’m going to take a very cautious approach. There’s only two creatures for sure that I will reapply the boosts. The others will come more slowly.

I’m not out to make monsters, I just want to create creatures that are useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am a bit worried about Tryostronix losing her health and speed and Blue losing her health and damage. I still want to be able to use them for epic strikes if needed. The biggest roadblock is coins at this point. Plus for Blue, DNA will also be an issue. :disappointed_relieved:

Unboosted now and staying unboosted. I’m glad I’m not part of the freak out crowd lol

I’m going unboosted for a while. I want to get a feel for how things play. I’ll be unlocking tryko hopefully by the end of next week, and I’m still working or erlikospyx, erlidom, dio, and rinex. I want to test them out without boosts and see how everything works out.

If my current team is still meta relevant by the time this happens, I will pour all my boosts into it. Some of the dinos on my team (tanks and chompers) have been there off and on (mostly on) since last year so I’m pretty confident they’ll still be a good investment. I won’t boost any of my benched dinos that have boosts in them now. I will only level those unless they become meta relevant again.

Option #4 i do

I’m honestly not sure. I’m sad tho cause I’m not sure if Monostegotops will be as usable late game how as it was before due to the attack and hp nerf