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Roll back boosts and disable them on uniques!

Ludia my suggestion is to roll back all boosts, since you need to anyway due to the latest bug that happened, and then make them only usable on Legendary or lower quality dinosaurs, there is ZERO need to boost uniques, they were already good, that’s why they are uniques!

The whole point of the boost system was to add variety to the arena, you know, boost up some lesser used dinosaurs to be viable, but no…all players did was just boost the EXACT same dinosaurs they were already using, so apart from now having strong uniques, we have OP uniques, and see the same old ones over and over again.

Stat boosts should have added something new to the arena, such as seeing dinosaurs rarely used. But no, what it did was give some dinosaurs god mode, ie Thor and Rat, and completely remove balance!

It’s actually gotten to the point where I straight up hate going into the arena, which is sad considering that before boosts were added battling was my favourite thing to do, now I don’t even fill all my incubator slots.

the problem with this is there are plenty of dinos that are devastating with boosts that are rare epic and legendary. for instance many people would just meta the trex and start 1 hitting everyone once they got its speed past 132. it would just be a Thor that hit harder and didn’t have a stun. which it wouldn’t need.

the boosts break the game and make many dinos invalid while others become necessary to have and boost just to stay relevant.

boosts need to go so game has balance again.

Why would they do this?
They won’t make profit…

If you disable boosts on uniques, they will be useless once the Legendaries are all boosted up.
Everyone would switch to boosted legendaries.
And it would be the same 8 new tyrants.
At least that’s what I would do.
(And I would be upset with all the time I put into useless uniques)

Because they would still sell boosts to be used on Legendary, epic, Rares and commons…just because something can not be used on a unique doesn’t make it suddenly useless.

Also due to the lower base stats and move sets of non uniques, a boosted legendary still wouldn’t be better than Uniques, just viable.

Take my Boosted Nodopatotitan for example, without boosts it’s not really great, but now it’s actually viable.
Will it ever be better than a unique? OF course not, but it is viable now!

Edit: I’ve won matches with it, it works well as a hard Erlidom and Utahsino counter, heck even Indominus I’ve killed, and it’s got armour piercing abilities!

Just imagine how many other dinosaurs there are in our toolkit that when boosted can be awesome!

Players just have to be willing to look past the colour of their picture frame and give them a chance!

For the record I went with Nodopatotitan because I love brachiosaurus model and it’s super easy for me to level up.

Here it is in action, I’m sure everyone has dinosaurs they would love to be viable and have in their team. I mean most use rat but I’m betting many wish they didn’t have to! And could put something else they like in place of it!