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Roll back had taken away some innocent boosters away, have to be fixed!

After the roll back:

People didn’t open Daily Battle Incubators(DBIs) for 3 times will get:

  • Attack Stat Boosts: 115 + 3 dbi boosters = 127
  • Health Stat Boosts: 115+ 3 dbi boosters= 127
  • Speed Stat Boosts: 85+ 3 dbi boosters = 97

People opened all DBIs for the last 3 days before roll back will get:

  • Attack Stat Boosts: 115*
  • Health Stat Boosts: 115
  • Speed Stat Boosts: 85

This booster difference will carry on without correction by Ludia. To make the game fair again, I strongly recommend Ludia to return three 12 boosters to regular DBI opening players.


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Dude some people stocked up, some people didn’t. It a a personal choice and not Ludias fault. Don’t complain to Lydia just because you didn’t think ahead

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just return 36 boosters and deduct 720 hard cash. then that will be fair

This is a non-issue. If you opened all your dailies religiously you had more boosts in your inventory so a larger HC refund. Open all incubators should of netted at least $1000 HC for having them in your inventory. So you have the money to buy back the boosts.

If you banked you had some extra without buying, but less hard cash refund.

The difference between banking or not should be a wash as long as you are willing to spend the cash windfall on boost packs.


there is no way buy back that 36 boosters for those opened all DBIs, it’s almost half set of booster for sale each time. the victims will always have 36 boosters less than others for the rest of their JWA life. only high level players understand the difference of these 36 boosters will make in the arena… one tier difference can turn the whole thing around.

also i didn’t tell ludia to debit these 36 boosters for 720 hc credits. their program just wiped out everything without considering overall possible outcome at developers’ convenience, which is a problem. if the developers were well thought…we don’t need that roll back and reset, as well as the disaster we have met for the pass two weeks.

It’s a very VERY short term problem.
36 boosts wont be much once your team is T5.
Can’t blame a player for good planning.
(Had Ludia told us what their fix was I would have done the same thing.)
It sucks yeah, but it’s nothing to get overly worked up over.

and in the short term is more of a problem for someone who was going to buy all 43 of the boosts offered off the bat.

maybe think from another angle, just cancel all DBI inventory upon the reset. everybody will be :

  • Attack Stat Boosts: 115
  • Health Stat Boosts: 115
  • Speed Stat Boosts: 85

isn’t is simple and fair?