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Rolling the Dice in Battles


Not sure if it is the new release or not, but it seems that more and more JWA battles come down to simply being lucky with RNG. I just lost 8 matches in a row, and each time it came down to me being unlucky with RNG on evasive moves - their evasive moves worked, mine didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I have won matches before due to the same thing, but it just feels like rolling the dice to see who gets the win. I probably just need to make sure I have more nullifying attacks on my team I guess.

So who are what are some of the better nullifying dinos in 1.6?


Monostego continues to help.

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Monosteg is always my go to. Brutal to Indom but takes some strategy when facing Indo. Really it just comes down to guessing the turn they will cloak/evade.


Would love to beef up my monostego if only we had any monolophosaurus around. They are like ‘unobtainium’ around here.


My monosteg can’t stun since the update. Utahsino has been really questionable with stunning since 1.5. 75% does not equal 3 out of 4. It’s more like 2 out of 5.

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Unlike most other people, I actually don’t like using monostego, for a couple reasons.

  1. It can’t even beat an equal level Indom unless it crits and the indom doesn’t
  2. Low speed, pretty much useless against immune creatures, depends on stun

My preferred nullifier of choice is Magnapyritor, but if you don’t have that, the new Procerathomimus is a great immune rng dino that can also nullify and kill other rng dinos. For even lower tiers, or even middle tiers, a team level or overleveled Tanycolagreus is a great option.

All 3 of these have high speed, which is very useful, and 2 of them immunity, which is very good in the current meta, For these reasons, I personally believe these are the best nullifiers and better than Monostegotops in most (However not all) situations.


I like the Tany idea and have lots of DNA to put to one. The Procerathomimus is what gets me in trouble in that it is all RNG with it. That’s the roll of the dice again. I think Tany may become a more important part of my team (actually never rolled the little guy out). Thanks!


My favorite is Suchotator, which is easy to create and level, yet has a very versatile kit, including nullification, instant distraction and, obviously, lethal wound!


Yep, love Suchotator. Have mine up to 21 and still climbing. Luckily I live in a heavy Sucho DNA area.