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Rome is burning


Boosts have been bugged out, tournament has been tainted, darting doesn’t suit everyone/anyone and the time outs are killing the arena.

First three I could probably shrug and live with … find my level and have fun but the time outs are just killing the game for me … this has to be a tech issue … friendlies aren’t affected (different server?!?) … can Ludia at least make what we have work … then address the issues with what we have.

Side note … I love most of the 1.7 hybrids and new creatures.


Hope they answer!

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Once the tournament ends.


The timeouts more than anything make all the other changes 10x worse.

If I was crushed under the old system, I just nodded and moved on to the next game. Just now I spent 4minutes waiting plus relaunch times to get a match against a level 22 triple boosted Tarbo. I have no problem being crushed. I’m cool with that. But then it took three more timeouts to get another match! Interestingly I was able to take out an indoraptor, Erlidom and monomimus at three levels above my average… so small victory.

About the only saving grace arena seems to have now is that badlands and lockdown now have the bot team after your third loose in a row allowing you to have an easier battle to get an incubator and move on.

If it weren’t for all the waiting in arena I probably could just shake my head or accept the fact I’m being outplayed by boosts or stronger teams but the timeouts are killing me.

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Fire seems to have been put out :smile:

Several battles - no timeouts; darting is better (not that I minded the new system) and that annoying flash has gone.

Nice job Ludia :+1: a week to fix things isn’t great but they did post some announcements; tournament should have been postponed.

Getting totally kicked in the arena by boosted creatures but now the timeouts are fixed I need to look at my team and consider its composition and what to boost now that speed is such a factor. Life adapts.


Yeah life adapts by pulling out gobs of cash, that’s your winning strategy

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