Rool (Creature file #205)

A new smash bros characters has arrived. Who is it you may ask. That, my friend, is Estemmenosuchus. Please welcome this creature.

Rarity: Common

Health: 4750

Damage: 1150

Speed: 115

Armor: 25%

Critical: 5%


Resilient Strike

Revenge Decelerating Impact

Armor Piercing Impact

Resistance: 100% Speed Decrease, Stun, Vulnerable

Possible hybrid: Estemmominus, Fuse with Estemmenosuchus and Indominus Rex gen 2

Rarity: Legendary

Health: 4730

Damage: 1150

Speed: 115

Armor: 25%

Critical: 20%


Definite Strike

Resilient Impact

Ferocious Impact

Revenge Cloak

Resistance: 100% Damage Over Time, Speed Decrease, Swap Prevention, Stun, Vulnerable, 50% Crit Reduction, Distraction, and 34% Rending

  • The name, Estemmenosuchus, means “Crowned Crocodile”.

  • It’s unknown if this creature was either a herbivore, a carnivore, or both.

  • Horns for this creature was probably used to fight with.

Whose fossil does this belong to?:

Do NOT click on the picture, and search it through any websites. I want to hear the answer from you.

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i mean

Uhhh… no


Wait, you’re right. I thought it was a rabbit. Screams loudly

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lol, I was gonna say Magyarosaurus till I saw that above

The bone is too small for a sauropod

the title made me think it would be a crocodilian, but this is good too

I know, because this creature name

things are getting weirder and weirder here in jurassic world

What do you mean by that?

I mean I see most other creatures, I think they look reasonable. But I see this thing, I’d instantly say “is this an alien?” What’s worse is that it actually exists.



I mean just look at it. Everything else about it looks normal for its species… Then I see that head.

Oh. The head of the Estemmenosuchus?

Yeah. Just makes it look so strange…

Estemmenosuchus: Well, back in my days, everyone is weird

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What about Estemmenorex, to sort of mirror Tenontorex’s name?

I don’t know. It just might be… confusing

How so?
10 chars

Because it could get confused by something else