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Rose Monroe

I just matched with Rose. She seems cute. But I got super excited for a moment. I was swiping quickly, not expecting any to match, swiped Rose and then quickly swiped on Felicia and it flashed up ‘Match’.

I was about to jump for joy and then realised it was Rose, not Felicia.

Still, someone’s better than no one, eh?


aww well did send you a msg to ask if you had got match with ether of the two that had seen that wore meant to be around but guess seeing this post answers that. oh well. did not get to talk to rose yet. talked to Dahlia instead.

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Are they counterparts?

was going to ask fish about that…forgot to read roses bio again last time had seen her,just auto liked…have a thing for red heads so had a “brain fart” when had seen her again & did not read her about page again

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Yeah – Dahlia is Rose’s counterpart. And, agreed, Rose has been fun to talk to so far!

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I had a very vivid dream where it was announced that Felicia was available to be matched with the other night, and I was disappointed though unsurprised when I woke up to discover it wasn’t true.

But yes, Rose and Dahlia are counterparts. She’s all right so far.


Aw man you got it bad, if you’re dreaming about her :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

The femme fatale has got her claws into you already :wink:.


Well, if there’s any hot pics I’ll share them here for you :slightly_smiling_face:.

:flushed: and yay​:slight_smile:

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SPOILER do not read if you haven’t yet matched with this character.

Right, so Rose seems really nice, bubbly and upbeat and really passionate about nursing which is nice. She’s also a surrogate mother for her gay best friends, what a lovely person, eh?

You get, like three or four conversations with her and then she runs off to blow chunks and it’s welcome back to greysville. I assumed that we would atleast get content up until she goes into labour, as she looks ready to drop any day.

Still, I’m grateful for a chance to play again for a couple of days.

So I was thinking, there’s a couple of blokes I haven’t yet matched with, but I’m really not interested in grinding with them if I’m honest. Of the blokes who haven’t been activated yet, the only one I think I’ll try and match with is Blofeld… I mean Dr Vile!

Has anyone seen any hints of returning characters? I’m not on Facebook and generally stay off of twitter because, well it’s just not a good place for my mental health. So, seeing as they don’t make announcements on the forum I wondered if anyone had seen or heard anything.

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I was bummed Rose went away so soon! But, like you said, it was nice to talk to someone new!

I avoid Facebook and minimize my time on Twitter for the same reasons, but I did just check Twitter and their last post was about Alex/Calum. I’m intrigued by Dr.Vile and am hoping Cain Angelus is available soon :crossed_fingers:


Alex and Calum are the artists, right?

Cain Angeles… he’s the satan/archangel type character yeah? I mean, if he’s half as cool as Christopher Walken in The Prophecy that would be amezeballs!

Yeah, my dad made me watch a bunch of nineties films but, to be fair, they’re mostly much better than most of today’s films so… yay dad!

@Karina_D @Novanix Tbh it doesn’t really seem like they use their social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) for anything…useful anyway. They didn’t post about Alex/Calum until like 2 or 3 days after he was released and they’ve yet to make an announcement about Rose/Dahlia. Apparently they have time to post random emoji games, though :upside_down_face: At this point, I get my news/speculations from here and Reddit or I’m just in the dark like everyone else :woman_shrugging:t4: Would be nice if they used it for updates


Reddit… another SM thing I don’t do. I swear, I’m like a boomer when it comes to that stuff.

I looked on Twitch once. That made my head hurt.

Anyway, thanks for reassuring me I’m not missing out on vital info :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Yeah Reddit is definitely not great but it can be pretty fun for following game threads. So far I like the LoveLink thread but who knows, they might run me off in the future lol

And you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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can relate to that social media thing. have seen a lot ofit not be good for people& have a lot of issues so figured the best thing to do was to be keeping things to a more basic level& steer clear of the toxic stuff. best way to manage things had found. not like was ever like anyone else really ever in the similar age so that’s never likely to change.main point being think its a good thing you steer clear of the usual social things too.

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Isn’t Rose the sweetest of the lot?
Her story and the way she talks…(a pure sweetheart)

Hope they update her story asap.

I really can’t wait to talk further to her.

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