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Rose .. Monroe

Hope everyone is caught up with this story and if not… SPOILER ALERT… look away.

OMG I spat coffee all over my phone screen during the last conversation with Rose when I read one of the choices in reply MC could give was… I’m pregnant!:scream: Was not expecting that… I had to scroll through my matches to figure out who the person responsible for my predicament could be… I’ve narrowed it down to 24 of them!:rofl::face_with_hand_over_mouth::innocent:


It’s definitely the centaur!


Nooo :scream::nauseated_face:why would you wish that on me!?!
And I’ve just volunteered you as my birthing partner… no need to thank me :grin::wink:

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oh man, that got me. Should not have read this during a meeting :rofl::rofl:


What if it was Hazel messing up with one of her spells

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Even more terrifying… what if it was one of Dr Viles experiments… I could give birth to a drone! :scream:

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What if Nicholas Adley and the mc time traveled into the past and the mc got pregnant THEN :sweat_smile:

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WHAT IF… MC got infected with the virus from Daniel and I’m having a Zombie baby! :scream:

The possibilities really are endless… kind of feeling like a bit of a hussy :rofl:

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Or if the mc got pregnant by the AI character

Not sure if this is a joke post or you just haven’t got that far into her story? :thinking:

Just amusing ourselves ( or horrifying, depending on who the father is) trying to figure out … if you chose the given option, who could have got MC pregnant.

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That’s what I thought, but I didn’t actually want to say who the father or Rose/Dahlia’s baby is in case I spoiled it for anyone. :laughing:

But if I didn’t know, I’d guess it’s something to do with Baba Yaga, and that’s she cursed more than just Sage. :wink:

Nooo :scream: I didnt even consider that possibility! Or should I say been that long since I played her story I forgot.
I was hopeing maybe Cupids baby or Nick Claus.

In that case, you’re definitely having a caesarian :laughing:.