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Roster Organization

I think it would be better if the roster is organized where the dragon and its duplicates are next to each other so you can see what you have and how many all at once without having to scroll up and down and all around to see that the copies are placed in 3 different places.

I think it would be nice, when you push the button to organize by color, you actually have your colors in one place instead of 2 different places.

It would be nice if you can implement a manual lock so that people can lock the dragons they want to keep and not worry about accidentally feeding them to other dragons.

More roster space would be nice also.


Wow your post has so many more good suggestions about the roster page and is so much more concise I need to remove my link to [Roster Space... It is time] and change it to this.

@MochiBear I agree with every single word of what you suggested. I hope Ludia will listen and we can get a better experience. I find extremely difficult with disorganised roster space. I would manually adjust where to put my dragons and their dupes. 180 roster space is not enough definitely since we get more and more new species and event dragons.

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We absolutely need more roster space.

We need to keep at least 1 of each 2-3-4-5 stars dragon for breedery and special challenge requests, plus spaces for the TP dragons plus at least 10 empty spaces for the dragons to sacrifice to level up the others.

We need at least… 200-250 spaces?