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Roster Space and new Quests

The new quest let us fill the roster with 3star and now with 2star dragons for quests. There are also questa wich need a specific race. So:

Can you please change the needed roster place for:

A dragon should only count if he has 1* or higher. Its a pain to make the duty “breed 15 dragoneggs” … its only “level up stuff”. So please do not count dragon babys to roster space. I mean, the room for a 5* titan can be filled up with 50+ dragon babys for sure.

We hate to breed for dupes, but we also hate to fill up >50% of our rostee with dupes we need later or to make missing dupes. Please do not count dupes to roster space.

I am still didnt understand if or why sheeps realy didnt count for roster place (or only one per colour). So why did dragon babys and dupes count?