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Roster Space... It is time

I know a whopping 30 more roster spots were added like just over half a year ago, however the rate of new dragons has kept along steadily & I think maybe instead of waiting long periods between roster space releases… Where the last few months could feel quite cramped at max roster space for many players. Maybe… more available roster spots could be added in smaller increments over shorter periods of time, so it goes up with the amount we need and the right amount of space some people feel can be eased.
Right now it feels just about right for me, but I have heard others starting to talk about it getting tight for them, and I can see that happening soon with me after one or two more events.
A big reason I think roster space had filed up fast, is how challenges in quests ask of you to have a good roster of 2* and 4* maxed to complete them, those 30 spots given filled up faster than I think anyone expected… It is time Ludia. Give us Vikings more roster space, and maybe think about rolling it out slightly different than before.


I could certainly do with more roster space, I like to give 10 dragons each time to level a dragon and I only have 8 spaces. I am levelling dragons as fast as I can, but with new species coming along it fills up again! I don’t mind if it comes all in one or spaced out, I would just welcome the chance to purchase some more.


Agreed. More space would be useful. Just one space every time a new TP dragon comes out or 2/3 spaces for a new species. Happy to spend runes on the extra space


For a collectionist like me, it’s weird that we can’t have enough space to have at least 1 of every dragon in every rarity.
I always welcome more space.


That’s why I actually collect 4 and 5 star dragons only and have a team of 3 stars for event quests.
1, 2 and nearly all 3 stars are just fodder.
So I have enough space for Fishlegs duties and the breedery


I hope that Ludia saw this post.
(Only sending this to test reply by email.)

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I agree. More roster space would be a big help. Especially for those of us who are still trying to get dragons to level. For example, I have copies, but not enough space to hold onto the copies and level. I have had to sacrifice a hard earned copy just so I had room. This is worse during events. It’s really hard to progress this way.

Not having enough space, and getting frustrated by it; has been the reason why I have quit other games. If I work hard for months to level up a dragon, I don’t want to have to sacrifice it just so I can make room to do it again with the next dragon.

If I might suggest something? How about if you give us the option on fully leveled 5* dragons, to buy - for runes - a space? In other words if I fully leveled my Toothless, I could buy for say 500 runes his space in the roster and free it up. This would keep the spacing fair for players who collect and for general players. Just an idea.


We also need more team slots


My roster is so full there was a time when I only had one slot available and every time I needed to hatch 15 for a duty, I would hatch one, feed one, and repeat 15 times.