Rotate arena exclusives?

Currently there are 2 unique hybrids that have battle arena exclusive dinos as ingredients (Stygimoloch & Irritator) and as a result, unless you get incredibly lucky with strike towers or buy loads of incubators, you will likely have a shortage of DNA for these two. They both appear every once in a while in the weekly event dino roster, but in between these weeks I have great difficulty obtaining enough DNA for even one fuse, with Irritator being much, much harder IMO.

Magnapyritor is one of the best dinos in the game but with Irritator DNA being so scarce and hard to attain, most players who have one on their team have it completely underlevelled with no hope of levelling it up to meet the rest of their team. In response to this, lots of the people who would have it on their team(AKA top 500), drop down to arena 5 where Irritator is exclusive and “farm” for his DNA. This causes a load of other problems and is frustrating for the players who are actually ranked in Badlands because they have to fight these high level players with far superior roster and have no chance of winning.

To deal with these issues, I would suggest either rotating Irritator(arena 5)with Bary gen 2(arena 7) to give the higher level players easier access to Irritator since they are the ones who will be fusing for Pyrritator and Magna anyways. Another solution could be to completely rotate some of the exclusive dinos that have been there for a while and make them spawn in the wild and replacing it’s exclusive spot with an equivalent dino that has been spawning in the wild since release.

Just some thoughts, would love to hear your opinions!

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