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Rotate Spawn zones

I’m so tired of zone 2…it would be a great thing if Ludia could rotate, or switch up zones to give everyone chances at other dinos without having to travel.


I understand the idea behind this and I agree there needs to be a little mix up on the spawns. BUT, this is a geolocation game. It isn’t meant to be played from your house and expect to be top 500. You need to get out and find dinos if you expect to be competitive.

That being said, L2 is considered one of the best right now. I’m sure L4 would gladly trade with you. :wink:


That would be cool indeed, many have asked for this, but like Piere said, that’s the pois of a GPS game.

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L4 here. Happy to trade.

Ludia, please swap Bigray104’s L2 for MNBrian’s L4.

Please and thank you! :wink:


Oh I’m farming all the time, ranked low 300’s. Just saying it would be nice to get a mix


I agree with that point. I’m in L3 and tired of seeing Diplo everywhere. A big migration would be nice. I just don’t think they need to do it very often as others have suggested.


Yea…i agree

To be fair, if you want a balanced game, area rotation should have been included long ago.

It wouldn’t prevent you from having to travel between areas, as we currently do. Every time you need a specific dinosaur you’ll have to travel to the area. That’s guaranteed with the existence of locals, nests and parks.

It doesn’t defeat the purpose of the geo localisation part, but it brings equal opportunities for everyone playing. Best way to fight spoofers, IMO.


I agree that rotation needs to happen. But not too often as that defeats the purpose as well. I don’t feel that we have had a major migration since game release so I think we are due one soon. And not just a migration where you swap a couple of dinos between locals. But a true rotation would be nice.


I am L4 and would LOVE a zone rotation or HUGE mmigration. Also parks needs to be changed. I like the idea of park specific dino’s but it would be so much better if the only dino’s that spawned inside a park were park exclusive. It’s way too diluted with all the global and park. So hard to get certain dino’s at the moment.


This sounds like a great suggestion. I think I’m in L4, but not entirely sure. Is there any way to figure out boundaries on L1/L2/L3/L4? I don’t mind travelling to get into another zone, but I can’t figure out where I need to go. Any help/info would be great!

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Here you are! :slight_smile:

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Put all the dinos in a big ole pot and every 3 months draw new. Zone 1 would still be zone 1 but with all new dinos. And it would definitely help with the IMO stupid park spawns. I play a lot outside of home, but after 9ish months I’m tired of the same old same old at home (excluding Kentro and Sino of course)

As a L1 player. I wouldnt mind seeing a rotation at this point but when you have a local that is as bad as l4 currently is. You need balance before you do a migration. Could you imagine your an l3 player spent months in one of the worse zones in the game. Ludia finally makes it a good zone… arguably the best right now and wake up and your suddenly in a l4.

On a small note I wouldnt mind seeing Sino moved to an l2 and ourano moved to l1. Just seems to make more sense based on the other components that spawn in each zone. But thats probably just me.

Why is L4 so bad? They have the ability to level suchitator to max within a few weeks. L2 was nice when draco2 was a thing but it is no L3 where you have unlimited mats for tryo. That is just broken. L2 has draco rare and nothing else worth darting besides globals or ourano but i wouldn’t waste a epic scent capsule in this dump.

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Some people kill for Ourano… me included


I think the point of the different zones was so everyone was not building and playing against the same 8 good dino’s all the time.

I don’t know that this worked that well.


L1 resident here … willing to trade concavenater for literally any rare with a hybrid


L4 isn’t near as good since they took away Anky and gave them grypo. The epics it does have are components for the weakest uniques.

I live in 3 and enjoy the erliko and dime. But I have “wasted” plenty of epic scents in L2 trying to find ourano to feed my greedy Green Chicken.

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Not only is every single epic in l4 weak. But every single L4 epic is tied to a park spawn or worse…raja needs park spawn anky… grypo needs two park spawn commons… and koola well it needs a tournament exclusive common for the ability to make a tank metahub says is worse the nodopatotitan. Good luck to l4 players struggling to make their underwhelming dinos.

Suchotator you say? So your gonna run suchotator and spinotah in a meta that has most teams running 2-4 immunes. If yes your gonna have some inevitable bad matchups. If you say no your picking one of l4 two best spawns and the other isnt being used.

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