Rotation for New Apex Creatures

Simply put:

  1. All new Apex’s should start out as raids. Yes, this means nobody gets them for at least 14-16 weeks.

  2. The new Apex raid replaces the oldest Apex raid. This will keep players from burning out playing the same old raids every week and give us something new to play.

  3. The replaced Apex becomes fusible (for level 18 and up players). This way players who either haven’t unlocked them yet or want to continue to level them can still work on them. The level 18 requirement for being able to fuse Apex creatures will give lower players something to work towards and keep Apex’s out of lower arena’s.

  4. On occasion, old Apex raids can be a special weekend event. We’ve had older raids on weekends for other rarities and the old Apex raids could be a special event on weeks those Apex ingredients are on the event calendar.

A side note. Apex creatures should have arena restrictions. They should only be allowed to be played in Avairy on up. From Lockwood Estates on down, these creatures would only serve to run over other players.


I really like this idea.
Not going to touch arena restrictions with a 10 foot pole, but that should have been how all Apex are released.
Raid for them, have newer players fuse to play catch up.