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Rotation incubators changed?


A lot of people are still convinced by their theory the battle incubators apear in rotation:
3h,3h,15 min, 3h, 8h and so on

Strange but very positive fact is the day before yesterday I opened a 12H incubator
and today I already got a 24H! Thanks Ludia :slight_smile:


Very cool! Every several rotations the 8hr incubator will get swapped with a 12-hr or 24-hr incubator. So it still operates based on a set pattern, but it takes a while to get to the good stuff—depends where you are in the cycle. So that’s nothing too outlandish for those who’ve won enough battles and played long enough. :slightly_smiling_face:


Everything is working as scheduled for me, so far, I hope to find a random 24h incub as well! :star_struck:


ciao sara,is there also any other italian chatroom for this game or you write only here?


Don’t know if there is some other places through the nets. I write only here so that I can grab as many hints and tips I can from a big community :wink: