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Rotting Tree Grubbird in JWTG (+ Vermonyx)

I know I know it’s not a prehistoric animal here’s what it looks like in game also credit to ScreenSamurai for the creature it’ll be the first Future animal in the game it’s class is a new one called Avian it’s for the Future Exhibit for JWTG Avian is weak to Therian but is strong against Saurian. It’s level 40 appearance and colors will be a red with black stripes with a head crest that is colored blue. It will use a new set of animations. It will also have a new hybrid with Baryonyx called Vermonyx. It will be like Level 40 Baryonyx but with the head crest and feathers on it’s arms and will be a greyish brown. It’s Level 40 appearance colors will be a vivid green with a sail on it’s back and the front 2 teeth have become saber teeth. It will also have a horn on the tip of it’s snout and the feathers have also grown up to the tail also.

I think the fact that there are cenozoics in the game is enough. Don’t get me wrong! I absolutely love your idea but isn’t JWTG about dinosaurs? If it was called “Zoo World: The Game” or had another title that didn’t mention any of the words: “Prehistoric,” “Primeval” or “Jurassic,” where the game doesn’t focus on a specific category of creatures from a specific category of time, then yes, this should totally be included.

Again, I love your idea (I really do), but we need actual dinosaurs in the game. The word “Jurassic” is described as one of the periods where these terrific reptiles dominated the planet.


It’s predecessor jpb had them so that’s probably why. And it’s called jurassic because it’s branded with the jurassic world franchise