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Round 2 Raid Revivals

I suggest that all dinos get revived (both sides) once round 2 starts or that the minions stay down for round 2.


I aggree, but this is to make it very strategy centered.


Even if our side gets revived, it would still be strategic. When a strategy is found, you have to follow a specific pattern more often than not. If one or more dinos with a specific role die, the pattern is broken. True, it forces the players to improvise, but it’s hard to do that with only 15 seconds on the clock and no means of specific communication. Especially when communicating means glitching out and costing the game ;_;

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Yeah - More times than not, a game is won or lost, depending on that transition from round 1 to 2.

If the opposition can be revived and their pattern resumed during that time, why can’t we and our pattern of attack?

We still have to act per a strategy. Not to mention, we still have to have a different strategy for the move before transition when the Boss becomes immune to HP changes.

Also, think of the poor player who has to wait, holding their phone patiently… Not being able to do anything else on it, but watch/make limited word suggestions to a team who may be wondering how they could now do it without them… For the whole 10-20 minutes of the raid, if their dino had been killed during round 1!

Overall, I think having a revival of our dinos as well as the opposition’s, during that transition between round 1 and 2, would also help with the entire team’s state of mind and rejuvenating team morale, thus making the whole raid/game experience more fun -

I wholeheartedly support this suggestion! :smiley:

I think we already have healing. Part of the strategy is know when to heal.

I would be okay with introducing a necromancer effect in 2.1 though.

How about next update will have dino can revive ally