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Roundings has changed after the update

I’ve noticed that they’ve now interpreted the speed roundings differently since the update, here’s 2 examples

  1. A mutual furied Indom g2 is now tied with a 119 speed epic at the same level(with speed boost)
  2. When I have a 108 speed tryko at lv22 against a 107 speed stegod at lv25, I’m faster. But after slowing once or twice, out speed stat are the same(56 and 0) but now the stegod is faster

in the stegod one, if the speed stats are the same, then the highest level creature gets the priority.


Indom Gen 2 is an epic. Stegodeus is a legendary. The higher rarity creatures win speed ties.

It goes Speed, level, then rarity. So a lv 22 tryko would be slower than a lv 25 stegod with the same speed. and in the Indom’s scenario it was against another epic of the same level so in that case it would be a speed tie. ( 119 vs 118.8 which does round up)

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And if they are at the same level who pick the move faster gets the priority

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