Row Attacks while dominated

I thought Ludia fixed in PvP when heroes with row attacks get dominated, not hitting themselves…

Just had a battle where my Pickel with rare sicle that hits all heroes same row. Get dominated and turn to my Cori. In the same row as him Hit her, row attack goes off, he hit himself and Re Dominated himself… people complained when Saarvin Tommus and Nayeli would hit themselves while dominated and it got fixed yet Pickel that if he hits himself can be re dominated by his own epic trinket… yikes, smh, fix it.

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Hello Blazenkks. If you don’t mind contacting our team at about this, it’ll help them investigate this further. Thanks!

I don’t think they had a universal “characters won’t hit themselves while dominated” fix. It’s the individual weapons that had to be fixed. This one has never been fixed and it’s been brought up before (but not recently).

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You would think, logically, if it happened before on specific heroes with Row attack weaps that the Company would check that on newer items or test a bit at least. Glad that others have at least mentioned it so it’s on their Radar but tbh, if it’s been a “known issue” in the past I don’t get why Pickel who has been out well over a year has this bug… still…