Roxy got her Barionyx


Well, Roxy won her Barionyx. Yes, I’m another one blessed by an extremely generous fate, in other words: I got my first 24 h incubator.

(She looks so cute, doesn’t she?).

So. That’s, actually, exciting and all, but now I need some advice.

I’ve just switched Diplo Gen 2 with Barionyx. Then. Is there anything else I can do to improve my team?

P.S. My Allosaurus is 2818/100. Is it worth the trouble to level her?


Allosaurus is an ingredient of hybrid.
And that hybrid is a powerful monster.
(Can’t expect if it will change in ver.1.3)

If you want to create Allinosaurus, than you “must” evolve Allosaurus until lv 15.


Allo is a really powerful common. And she can hybridize as well. I’m right now levelling mine up and even at level 12, the damage she can inflict is staggering.

I still don’t have baryonyx yet, although I do have other spinosaurs like suchomimus, Irritator and its Gen2, as well as spinosaurus. I like the damage over time aspect they share, but I still could stand to level my Spino up a bit. Good job on finally nailing down your Bary!