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Rtc + fs + dsr = awesome!


Brings me back to the days before Gorgosuchus got its nerf.

I am pleased.


Tryo has become an even larger power house.

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It only gets better :grin:


That is beautiful.


Gorgosuchus got a nerf? Also, I love Trystonix :heart_eyes: I’ve named mines “Druid” he’s level 17 so far :slight_smile:


Yeah, about 2 patches back, maybe 3.
Adrenaline surge was a priority heal/cleanse +25% damage(or was it 33%?). Was the only way to one on one a tank like stegod. Posto used to have it also.

Regardless, it wasn’t unusual to hit over 5k damage on a crit under level 20 with it.


So is it better to level Tryo instead of posti?


I don’t feel gorgo was nerfed at all. The old adrenaline surge had no damage output and the benefits were specific only with Stegod really. Cleanse can now deal with distractions and bleeders, and its an extra 1.5x attack. Plus he has 2 defense shattering attacks. Buffed if you ask me. Still using gorgo in Aviary.

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Definitely tryo instead of posti. You’ll need all the extra damage output and higher crit moving up in the arenas.


Maxx uses a level 30 posti and hes top 25. Not a normal thing tho. 9/10 would say tryo for sure


I must be using my tyro wrong.

-get hit for half damage


Very rarely can you pull off being able to use the rtc + fs + dsr combo. If you are going against Tryko, go rtc + dsr because the rtc won’t trigger the counter damage. Anything else you usually go fs + dsr. It can usually take out the big tanks even with that. Don’t ever use rtc if you are slower as you are just giving them a free hit.

It works best when you can set it up. FS to kill a dino. If they bring out something slower you might actually be able to do rtc and then dsr. If not you can at least tank a hit and then get them with the boosted dsr.

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Yeah, I just never figured out how to use tryo without dying rapidly. I desperately need my team reshuffled, so I’ll bring it back and keep trying.


I rarely ever get Baryonyx. :expressionless:
I’m 2 fuses away, maybe 1 if lucky to unlock Tryo, but Baryonyx is hard to find. Sometimes I see them beyond the 150m area in the pitch black of night… yeah right of course i’m going out at night like that for a dino!


If your opponent is faster or has a nullifying move, don’t ever start with RTC.


Gorgo can no longer one on one tanks or many things with a slow since its normally down by the third move.
Nerf imo.