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RTC needs a revamp?

So, with 1.9 they increased the critical attacks to guarantee a crit, to take some of the RNG out of the game (hypothetically). I’m just wondering if the same should be done for Ready To Crush. Since it’s such a gamble to pull it off already, it would be nice if it wasn’t only +30% increase to do so.

I’m not sure if this would make RTC too OP, however.



I mean it’s called Ready to CRUSH for a reason, so it should have something similar to what Crit Impact has.


it crushes because it also adds damage

It does add damage, but with the nerf to crits I just find it’s less worth taking the risk.


STC. Strike to Crush. Adds 1x damage.

If I successfully use RTC and rampage with this bad boy, I can 3-0 a lot of teams already! If you really wanna buff him some more…
I will rain the pain on my opponents!

Mine’s level 30, level 7 boosts so I get that. But, IMO it’s a really big IF when it comes to getting an RTC in there.

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It is very situational. If tryostronix goes head to head with a counter attacker, and opponent doesn’t have dc available, game over bro! I think this is my fav dino this patch as it is. Ferocious strike + rampage causes enough damage if RTC looks like too much of a gamble.

I had to put her back on the team to deal with all those 8-9K HP Max’s running around out there.

I think maybe make it +50% crit, that way it can still fail, but be better

That or could possibly say that crits from RTC do the old 1.5x damage instead of 1.25x