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Ruby, Milena, Ana all have the same plot

This seems very out of place given Milena and Ana are obvious tech support, but Ruby is in pj’s in her own profile pic?

Melina and Ana share a storyline, but I think Ruby and Julia are meant to share a plot since both their bios are about coding and such. It’s probably a bug that Ruby has the same one as Ana and Melina right now in which case I hope it’s fixed soon!

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Wonderful! I thought something like that was up since Ruby being an AI just didn’t seem to fit and I was totally thrown off since I immediately matched with Ana and Milena on different playthroughs.

Well if Ruby and Julia are meant to have the same story then I guess it really is a bug since you can’t match with Julia yet. (also it’s unlikely 3 characters would have the same plot)
So the only new matches are Milena and Ana then?

Yup! Looks like it, I imagine Ruby/Julia were supposed to be available… so now I’ll just cry since I was looking forward to Julia :cry:

Yeah, no other plot is shared by three characters so I’m sure that was unintentional since as you said you can’t match with Julia yet, and I had wanted to. Hopefully it’s fixed soon.

I dont understand how it can just be a “glitch” when they all have the same cgs. Those aren’t just randomly generated, someone had to draw those, so while everyone is saying Ruby doesn’t make sense, I really wish Ludia would chime in and let us know why she has the AI cgs.

Oh, that is weird because based on her bio she best reflects Julia’s bio making the most likely as counterparts. Not to mention stories ha ent had three characters share one storyline. Huh.

Yeah I’ve been scouring the web for anything official because its really bothering me. I was thrilled I could match with Ana but knowing that locked me out of Ruby as well as Milena kind of ruined it for me. Ruby was my number one and I didn’t think Ana would block her for me, so if they just decided to do a triple same story this time with no notice im gonna be very :confused:

I hope it wasn’t meant to be that way with Ruby also sharing the storyline as tripling up takes out two characters from the pool that a person can match with if they pick one. Hopefully it was an oversight! But yeah there hasn’t been any official word on it.