Ruined afternoon!


So this is the first time i’ve ranted since playing this game, but better out than in!

So the latest event dinos started. Not really that interested in the common dinos, but I do have Ankylocodon that i’ve been thinking about replacing one of my common dinos on my team. I have tons of dna for Anky Gen 2 and i’ve got quite a bit of dna for Ophiacodon.

Considering the incubators recently have been shoving Ophiacodon dna down my throat I thought why not use the opportunity to get lots of dna from the 60 attempts. I am able to go out this afternoon, Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday morning before the dinos change, which means 3 session of 20 attempts each. I wanted to only focus on Ophicaodon first, and then on Wednesday morning use the remaining attempts to just spam whatever dino comes up.

So, I get excited for an afternoon of dino hunting. I know this be green park area near me that has like 17 green event drops in, so plenty of opportunities!

So that’s a shot of the area from last week, there’s more at the back that hasn’t rendered in.

So off I go. On my way to the park I see an Ophicaodon at a green drop, excellent, I got some DNA. Then I arrive at the big park, 17 event drops to go round. First one I see has an Ophiacodon, I walk over to it, the dino disappears. Grrr. So I continue walking round the park to see where the others are. I walk all around the remaining 16 drops to find one Ophiacodon right at the end, I walk over to it, it disappears. I walk around the entire park again all 17 drops and not a single Ophiacodon.

At this point i’m fed up feeling like my afternoon of dino hunting fun has been ruined by this troll of a game. I decide to head home. On my way home I see an Ophiacodon at a green drop in the opposite direction of my house, so I go out of my way to go over to it. As I reach it, the dino disappears. I rage, close the game and walk home.

I mean way to go game, how to ruin a fun afternoon. My plan of 20 attempts over 3 days ended up with 1/20 on the first day. Waste of time. I mean there’s taking the mick, and then there’s just telling your players to sod off!



I understand your frustration. Mine is this. I have no green supply drops near me especially when there is a huge park near me which use to have 3 supply drops. The game is frustrating and everything seems to be geared around those who ultimately will spend a fortune to get indo level 30


Some people cannot participate in these events at all. Because no spawns. I know some people that quit the game because of this. Very bad equal chances for people. I wish they would adress this with more effort. The game is what it is, people on top will stay on top. The rest gonna have to be statisfied with what it is. A free game.


Don’t get overexcited about Ankylocodon. It’s an interesting hybrid, but they nerfed it a bit in the last update. Just my luck the update happened right when my tank-killing tank was starting to shine.


Hopefully my Amargacephalus will do better than Ankylocodon in battle. Working on sarcorixis right now, but lately, Sarcosuchus DNA is scarce here.


Being able to keep playing for a bit after I was technically killed was awesome.

No hacks or apps or anything were used. Just playing the game normally and on WiFi that’s 150mbps near the router.

Was also awesome to have the next game not fully load into the game. Can’t wait to see if I won or lost even though I wasn’t able to play it. :roll_eyes:

Please, no more big updates until the current bugs and server issues are squashed and fixed.

It’s reaching a point the game is no longer fun and becoming nothing more than a broken mess.

iPhone 8 Plus being used.


This post was about Ankylocodon, not cheaters in the arena. Just trying to keep things from getting confused. Next time, please read the entire post from the beginning before replying in future.


Sarcorixis is nothing special, depending what level your at and defending against but for the higher tiers I’d work on my hard tanks, at level 19 Sarcorixis stats are not very impressive, sadly as I’d love to put it into my team.


Yeah, I think Ludia nerfed a lot of the new hybrids in unexpected ways.


Probably trying to avoid the inevitable hybrid meta. LOL


I’d love to have ankylocodon on my team but at level 20 the stats aren’t too impressive either, armour is ok but damage not so.


Ankylocodon used to be good right out of the gate, putting the hurt on opponents. It was a multu-purpose hybrid, able to go up against rexes, as well as tanks. After the nerfing, I had to bench mine.


It’s a shame as it could have been a good team player :slightly_frowning_face:


Who’s talking about cheaters?


Why didn’t you just drive over the grass in the park? Would have gotten there way quicker.


Sadness. Today I was stuck in bed cuz the flu. So a lot of my chances for tarbo and to level my ankylodon are gone. Now I look all I see are allos. allos spawn here normally anyways. Ffffffff


Yeah I put it on my team now, it’s at lvl 12 so far, but I noticed it’s not as impressive as I’d hoped. It also has an issue that’s been reported before of its critical hits not increasing the damage which i’ve seen on mine.

I’ve got a lvl 13 Stygimoloch that I might use instead.


I was driving around with my wife Sunday and had the same thing happen with 3 different epics, we finally saw one, as soon as we got close and touched it it disappeared. This happened 3 times in a row. Epics never spawn when we walk around, very disheartening.
(I don’t play while driving, she scouts the map as I drive and we park to get DNA)


What about this? A few weeks ago the whole park in my small city simply ceased to exist (ca. 10 green drops). There were 4 other green drops “nearby” (ca 4km distance), but they began to disappear as well. Now it’s just ONE left!
Try to get 30 rare Tuojiangosaurus then. Very disappointing…


Wow that sucks, have you reported it?