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Ruined everything

Wow instead of fixing match makeing you ruin the whole game. Ruined most of my Dinos I have been working on forever . Ruined matchmaking . Just took the fun right out of it . Who thought this was a good idea? Is this just a way to make more money forcing people to buy more or start over? I might watch for awhile but this is probably goodbye cus this game just got flushed.


It got saved, its much more balanced now. The only broken creature is maxima.


See ya :v:

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The game isn’t ruined. This is a huge update. Most of the creatures you’ve been working towards are most likely still good, just in a different aspect of the game. A lot of the creatures that aren’t good in the arena anymore are still really, really solid choices for raids.


Yep I’ve dropped my subscription already! I’ve spent actual money & played countless hours building up my favourite creatures & now they are ruined, it’s not fair or equitable as I would not have spent real money on gameplay had I known my stats would be stripped by the powers that be :neutral_face:


but you agreed to the ToS :thinking:
who agrees to a contract that they don’t read.


Apparently, even lawyers don’t read the tos. I saw that in a TED talk given by an actual lawyer. lol

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Creatures can be nerfed or buffed. You cant get mad at ludia cuz you spent some money tho.

Everyone with an iPhone.


Yeah but they have been pillaged beyond expectations, so while I was aware some mods would take place the drastic changes I feel are unfair for how much time & money put in that’s all

Which dinos on your team and no longer useable that you spent money on?

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The ones that were so stupidly obviously getting nerfed because they were OP. Oh boohoo, your level 30 max boosted ProRat that took you a week and a half to get was balanced to be in line with other epic hybrids.

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Lol thanks for taking the bait of my hook.


Any day. People who complain about exploits being patched are the worst.

So glad Procerat and other got nerfed. But doesn’t bother as much as people using crutches as people who just decided not to go after uniques or legendaries. Let me level my Utasino to 25 rather than create Rinex because it’s easier. Best update ever.

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Mainly my “Meiolania” & “Archaeotherium”, they are just my favourite’s that’s why it stings, my other rare & legend creatures all seem ok, I’ll pick my subscription back up next week when I stop sulking. I thought forum was for talking about gameplay & asking questions that leave us lowly newb players perplexed, & seeking answers from more prolific players. I see my error now was thinking this, more so than worrying there was something wrong after an update :neutral_face:

‘Boo Hoo Hoo i can’t spam CS to win a match anymore with so many counters running around!!’


Out of curiosity, what dinos?

Nerfing and buffing is normal, I think. You have to live with, if you play an online-game. And I can live with it.

Not normally is the extensive changing of the the skills and abilities of some creatures (Erlikospyx for instance). It’s like a stranger surrounding your kitchen …

Another example: I have Paramoloch at 29 and boosted it max. It was not so strong, but in connection with high speed, shield and the 2 stun-attacks it was an outstanding creature. It caused a lot of fun in the game - for the attacker and the opponent alike. THIS was taken with the update.

ME, I thought it was a good idea. :wink: