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Ruining Dinos with Updates

I created an account simply to get on here and express my extreme displeasure with this latest update to the game. Multiple changes to many of the animals have made them ineffective and ruined them altogether. The indoraptor gen 2 now doesn’t have an attack which breaks through shields, making it as effective as a triceratops. The Procerathomimus’s basic attack cleanses DoT… BUT IT’S 100% RESISTANT TO DoT!

I haven’t said anything until this point because the updates really didn’t mess with the dinosaurs’ abilities or anything like that, but this game has now taken a turn for the worse thanks to the good idea fairies.


It’s called balancing and it is completely fine. Both Procerathomimus and Indo G2 were overpowered as for their rarities, and even (much) stronger that their rarer counterparts (Indoraptor & Monomimus).
The fault was that they were that strong before that update - The League was unbalanced.
Indo G2 was The King of mid-game meta. Everybody had it on their team. Because There was no reliable counter for it, untill Ardentis (Ardonto optionally, but it’s not worth boosting while Ardentis is literally it’s better version in every way) began to appear on League. Now Indoraptor G2 is not useless, it’s good, but not OP as it was. The Distracing Impact followed by CS is very good in some situations, eg. while fighting Thor, you can reduce it’s attack to zero.
And Proceratho - remember the tournament where you could use up to epic hybrids? So, Proceratho was everywhere and there was NO counter for it except another, higher level or better boosted Procerathomimus.
Following the quote on the splashscreen while loading a battle: “The rarer creature is generally stronger than it’s common counterpart” - I’m completely agreeing with that. They should be balanced immediately as they were “released”, but they weren’t. Now they are fine.
Only thing where I can agree with your opinion is “The Procerathomimus’s basic attack cleanses DoT… BUT IT’S 100% RESISTANT TO DoT!”. Yeah, it’s… weird, I’d say - just like Thor’s basic attack with cleanesing vulnerable status while it’s immune to being vulnerable.


The bad thing about Ludia is that she pays a lot of attention to crying players because they do not accept that they do not know how to use hands or collect with the drone or multiplayer. That is what is toxic in this community. The changes in the indoraptors don’t make much sense because they are carnivorous dinosaurs, they should break shields, they don’t have ornamental teeth.


Yes it is very disappointing. Now some people are going to make an argument, that because of the rarity of the creature, that everything needs to be in some type of cookie cutter type of order. That really actually is not the true determiner of how hard it is to create a dinosaur though. That argument lacks logic, and should be ignored.


I’d be lying if i said i wasn’t enjoying demolishing indo g2s this update, but come on. Distracting impact? On top of the change to CS (now only speeds up for 1 turn), evasive stance nerf, and resilient moves, they give it a horrible move choice. And OG indo suffered the same fate. APR and now he gets shut down by shields while Indom gets a chance to break them.

At least give G2 an option to pierce armor. API/ APR and let the OG have DSR. Makes them different so they fill different niches and are countered by different things.


Anyone who criticizes Cunning Strike Cleansing DoT on Procera doesn’t see the big picture. The move is meant for a big group of creatures, and not all of them are Immune to DoT. It wouldn’t make sense to make a whole new move that is almost exactly the same just for Procerathomimus.


Ludia didn’t really say that exclusivity trumps rarity, just that generally hard-to-get dinos are stronger. From their balancing approach you can tell that they don’t have any objective way of comparing exclusivity like the way you do (you even include factors that Ludia never mentioned as being relevant) or they just don’t use it, because there are other factors than exclusivity that determine balancing.

Then there’s the question of whether a creature’s exclusivity at the point of judgement is important or not. For example, the Mammoth is no longer an exclusive. Does that mean it’s hybrids should be nerfed?

Personally, I don’t have a problem with a creature being more powerful than its rarity would suggest, especially if there is a lore-related reason, as long as it has same-rarity counters for skill tournaments, or it is banned from the skill tournaments based on power level.


Are you trying to say that Indo G2 is hard to create?

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Velociraptor is carnivorous too, let him break shields


Maybe the nerf was too big. But he should never get DSR or even APR back. You want to make his damage output bigger? Give him Distracting Rampage without delay. And ES back to 75%

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Take Ardentismaxima for example. If you take the game’s history into account, it is objectively much easier to create than Gemini. Yet right now, Maxima is harder. Which deserves to be better?

The nerf was definitely too big. Mutual Fury is practically useless now and Evasive Stance has become unreliable.
If there were any Fierce creatures to counter it would be better, but what ones are there? Thor, Allosino and Tyrannolophosaur. If you don’t face one of those Indo G2 is toast.


Not exactly. He’s still a big threat to speedsters like Erlidom

And Indo G2 has one big advantage. He’s very easy to create and overlevel

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It can’t 2-hit KO Erlidom, and if it uses Distracting Impact it will lose priority thanks to the CS nerf. Evasive Stance can’t reliably help it, and Erlidom does a ton even if Indo dodges. It isn’t really a threat.

Also, you said speedsters, Plural. What other ones are there? Spyx wrecks it now.

Also, does Revenge Cloak do 3x damage even without the revenge condition? Because in the game, it says that it does.

It doesn’t. It’s a bug

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Didn’t notice CS was nerfed, probably because it wasn’t mentioned in notes and I’m still unboosted, meaning Indo G2 always outspeeds me

You’re looking at wrong rarity. Indo G2 isn’t an endgame dino. Look rather at legendaries, Indo is still useful there

You’re the one who brought up Erlidom.
Anyway, the Legendary speedsters are mostly trash, except for Alloraptor and Tryostronix.

Indo G2 does beat them if it dodges. So that adds 2 creatures to the list of stuff it counters.

Tryo was nerfed though, so I don’t know if it’ll see much use. Alloraptor isn’t in a very good place either, since it loses to both Thor and Allosino, and also the endgame tanks like Tryko.