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Rules aren't that fun


My personal opinion, the new rules which is added to the game, isnt as fun as expected to be… i do believe this kind of stuff is added due to “smurf” problem in low tier
Frankly, by making this kind of rule it simply throws all creatures which are not allowed by the rules/spesifications.
I do believe the point of making this kind of world tournament is to challege all players to test their strat, creatures and encourage players to have better creature


  1. Rules did not stop smurfs
  2. Not all players has equally diverse creature classes
  3. Throws all prohibited creatures out of window

Fyi: the fusion event went hill so bad, only 50% of progress was achieved… it probably explained the current condition of the game, hopefully this ceratosaurus tournament wont make it worse


I humbly disagree. I think this is a good change from Ludia, coz previously, once a player has attained a bunch of hybrids and VIPs, the lower class dinos become next to useless, used only for initial battles getting to predator or dominator leagues. By restricting dino class, everyone has reason to develop all classes, not just the super strong.

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And throws all creatures above rare? Sounds like robbing


Besides, hybrid such as diplosuchus, carnoraptor, tapejalosaurus will rule after all


Eh, not really.

First off, you only face AIs in this game. It does look like you’re facing people, but your not. Any PVP is just PVE that looks like PVP.

Secondly, Hybrids really aren’t the most practical dinos in this game. I’d give that to VIP dinos. However, you need a large enough quantity to do all the daily battles. Thus the game gives you many options, and it’s in hopes that you get 9 level 40 commons, and 1 rare, then keep playing and evolving until you get 3 lvl 40 rares, etc etc.

I don’t think it’s bad, I just wish end-gaming was a lot more practical. For example, I have 3 lvl 40 Suchoptruses and the CD for them is far greater than 24 hours. Then the tourney-hybrid dinos are stupidly OP to the point that they really aren’t worth getting.

I only keep playing because I like the dinos and JW/JP. Other than that, it took me 3 years to grind to max level, and I’ve been here for awhile now.