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Run Fossil Run is recruiting

We have a few spots for some daily players. We have 3 level 20 sanctuaries to benefit from. Player must be able to participate in tournament, communicate thru discord and play in the arena. We are reaching 9/9 weekly and for the tournament we reach T8 and would love to have players that want to reach 10s across the board! Come play with us! Join Our chat at ::

We have three spots!


That all good to know, but the one thing I’m interested in is raiding. Taking down all raids. I’m not looking to be shrugged off or looked down on. I have only a few legend Dino’s to use.

Guess my question is, do you guys take the time to run raids with all active members. Including the apex raids.

My other concern is my wife. We both play and are active daily. We do our tournies 10 kills. We come as a pair.

We do take the time, there’s a few player with the top level dinos who help doing multiple raids do everyone who need it get it done. And we can have both of you no problem

We usually do those multiples in the afternoon ET.

Run Fossil Run is looking for players that like to complete their daily missions, battle in PvP and like to do raids. We want everyone on the team to participate in the tournament.
We have a few spots open up after some players retired from the game. We offer 8/9 weekly and tournament tier 8 or 9. And three level 20 sanctuaries!
Contact us
Or send DM here

Hi there! We are still looking for players. I am looking for players that complete daily missions and participate in the tournament weekly. We’re a diverse age bunch form all over the globe. Contact us in discord or message here!

Any spot available for level 12 (almost 13) with 6 legendaries and 4 close legendaries? Very active.
2400 trophies. Do all the 10 kill at least for tournaments.

Times I play weekdays

7:30am-8:45am and 2:50pm- 3:50 plus other times after 3:50 for tournaments or raids


Available for raids, do daily challenges, play tournaments, etc… after 10am though 8pm

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Hi!! Still looking for 1 new member. Preferably 2500 trophies , we want tournament participation every week, and daily mission completion. We use discord to communicate during raids and share our teams or just for fun. We are part of ARK which gives us the chance to have 3 level 20 sanctuaries! Your vote gets counted for these. So you can take advantage of the extra dna!
Reach us at the discord channel provided! Send us a message here, happy hunting!

Hi everyone! We’ll have Two spots open on Monday. Come join our team. We reach 8/9 weekly and for tournament we reach level 8. We ask Just that you play weekly in the tournament and complete missions daily. We have Discord we want all player to use for raid communication… and respect the level 20 sanctuary by not placing in it.

Keen to sign up, have messaged via the discord link :+1:

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Closed as per OP’s request