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Run Phorus, Run!

Loving this new legendary. Been using it in friendly battles and it is pretty awesome. Definitely will be taking Dilo’s place on the team when I can level it enough. If it was immune I might replace Erli with it. Anyone else been playing it?

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I play level 15-16 teams and I have it on my team and play it.

Last night was a really good game. I was down 0-2 as my opponent would swap in some swap-in dino’s so I wasn’t getting any kills,

I swapped Phorus in on a Sinoceratiops with only 1/3 of my Phorus’s hit points left, stunning it. Then I did supperiority to slow it as survived it’s attack with like 64 hp left. I instant rampaged and finished it. Then I proceeded to take out his last two dino’s who I had whittled down earlier and ended up taking all three of their dino’s out with Phorus.


I play it on my team with it at lv 18. Team lvl 17-22. Does wonderfully in the right situations. I’ve heavily considered boosting it to match the rest of the team.