Rune Pack Inquiry

So, those packs that appear out of random and that are available for a half hour of time, like the Pioneer Pack, show a dragon there too, like Gritty Sawmaw or Valiant Scarbearer. I don’t believe it’s supposed to give you the dragon shown, (like if it shows Sawmaw you receive Sawmaw), but is it supposed to? I saw somebody else ask the same question, but didn’t get a straight response, and they worded it confusingly.

Tl;dr: Are the randomly shown rune packs supposed to contain the dragon shown with them too?

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No. Click the “i” and it will show exactly what you get

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That’s what I thought. I only asked because I saw someone else complain about it on the forum, thinking they actually got the dragon shown. I was most certainly sure that you did not receive the dragon, it was there for show. Thanks for confirming it though

Should look like this reward for Pioneer

Yup. That’s what I was talking about. I figured it didn’t include the dragon shown (in that case, The Lithe Loggerjammer), but somebody else said it should, or it looked like it should. And since their thread was buried, I figured I’d ask.