Rune reset for Dragon Riders.

Let me start with, please forgive any mistakes I might make. As I’m new to the forum. My suggestion is for the Dragon Rider extras. Particularly the extra runes that we get every 24hrs if we remember to come back in time. However I would propose that the extra runes automatically reset at midnight along with the calendar of gifts. That way if we happen to log in at 10am instead of 9am we don’t lose that hour. I had started out my DR status in the early mornin a few months back and since then on several occasions I was unable to log in at the moment the collect button turned green. Which has resulted in my losing out on a few days worth of runes because it resets from the moment you collect instead of a set time. I really hope this made sense.


I AGREE with you! I don’t have a set time that I can play so I miss out on the runes often.