Runes from alpha chests removed by replacing with points of trust

Good time of day Vikings.
It’s no secret that due to the recent update from the alpha chests removed runes replacing them with points of trust for the new dragon and I personally do not like it. Below are screenshots before and after the update (don’t pay for chest levels there is no particular difference in them)
All not indifferent to this loss i ask to write a complaint to the support of the game text with such content

Return runs to alpha chests, not all players have the opportunity to make donations in Game

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Even if that buffalord was the best dragon in the game still was not worth the exchange.
Ludia keeps messing up with these updates ( im not even going to get started about the bugs )
Instead of gradually introducing stuff and rewards like ANY OTHER GAME, they decide to add some stuff, and then remove it without making a pool or asking anything to the playerbase.
Also, the new duties, i dont believe that there is a single Developer that actually plays this game, they did basically a 30 to 50% requirement increase of all duties in exchange of those new clan duties which you can complete once a day. I guess now that “long” 8 hour cooldown on chests wont be an issue anymore huh?
Way to go Ludia, gonna keep bringing more and more players to play your game!