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Runes Taken Instantly


So, I didn’t know that my dragon roster was full with the 37 dragons or whatever it was, and I went to go collect the eggs, and when I clicked on it, it gave me the dragons, but my rune count went down like 200 I think. I don’t remember what it was before, but I’m asking for a return of my runes since I didn’t want to expand how many dragons I could hold. It did it instantly and automatically.

  • Toothless

Probably were at the cap of your roster and you banana-fingered when the expansion prompt came up. Contact support, but somehow I doubt they’ll be able to sort it out, unless you are absolutely sure that you didn’t accidentally click on the roster expansion prompt.


I am absolutely sure I didn’t click on it. I didn’t see the menu pop up. It just went normally when you click on the Hatchery. It brought you to the screen where you see what dragons you get.


Well then definitely hit or I’m surprised a mod hasn’t posted that stuff, since my previous post was pended, and it was cleared, so somebody up there has seen the thread. Technically I do not have the authority to post these addresses, but if story shows anything - nobody actually does zit here. If anything is wrong - there is the support key and a support address. I’m 99% positive this post will get pending too, so if gets cleared - I suppose I’m not wrong.