Runes update idea for ludia

Wish runes were easier to get, when i need to be quick I usually don’t have enough runes to speed things up. I can’t ever get enough runes saved up to buy some of the more expensive dragons, like the unique ones. I end up giving up on trying to save up that many runes. Maybe a new update could give daily runes to everyone but dragon riders club members get more, maybe 10-15 for non members, or non members get 25 but the possible daily amount does not increase unless you are a member.


Sammy_firebreath - Have you joined the Facebook group “DreamWorks Dragons: Rise of Berk” ? They post a daily link giving away runes.

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Once you’ve been playing for a while, you’ll realize Runes are easy to come by. It’s when to use them that’s the tricky part. Personally I wish there were more ways to get Odin’s Coins.

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