Rural players and events


I really like this game and one of the reasons that I like it so much, is that even though I live in a very rural area, I can find dinos and supply depos in my neighborhood.
And that is why I find it so sad that the events, that seems to be great part of this game, is only taking place in large cities.

Where I live, I have to drive for half an hour to get to the nearest event points. In practice that means that I can never participated in the events, and I think that is very unfortunately, I hope that at some point the event points can be distributed more evenly so that everyone, including a rural player like me, can have a chance to participate.


I’m living in an average city (like 300k) … but in a more rural area in the east. We had 2x Event Supplies here until one disappeared last weekend … don’t know why it was removed.

But well, I have to drive inside for university/work almost daily anyway (around half an hour, too) … so won’t be a problem to participate for me at least.

By the way … I like the good spawns in my area. Have a few Epic spawns around my house (Koolasuchus, Erlikosaurus, Ouranosaurus). And in the NE we have some T-Rex spawns (always 2x when I’m there). And encountered Pyroraptor + Postimetrodon in the city today.


Almost every park (even 5’ x 5’) ones in my town have special event supply drops. So, I would recommend TWO THINGS:

  1. Tell Ludia that you are an avid player and would like an event stop put in your town.
  2. Since they use Google Maps, see if you can’t label some green area in your small town as a park. This may get their programming to automatically put one there! Just a thought.
    Hope that helps! Good luck!


UPDATE: Over the weekend while we were traveling across state lines, we came upon an event stop located at a trailer park! It was labeled as that in Google Maps by its official name “Spirit Winds Trailer Park”, so if you don’t have an actual park, find a business with the word “park” in it and get it labeled in Google and I bet an event stop will appear there! Good Luck!!