Rural vs. Major Cities

Living in a rural area and trying to play this game is so much harder than it seems. I have been playing for four months, everyday, for at least 6 hours a day. To say the least, i work my butt off, yet i cant seem to get over level ten and i cant get any dino better than an epic. People tell me to use scents, but i have been trying that for a very long time. Now keep in mind, i am surrounded my thousands of acres of nothingness.
Usually i would just get dinos when im going to school but with this quarantine i cant get out of my house. I do not live in a neighborhood so i cant walk in that. I know that my problem might not be that big of a deal, but other players are going thrugh the same thing.


It’s a fact. Differences are just too big.


At least Supply Drops, Strikes, Sanctuaries and Dinos exist. In PoGo there is nothing in such areas


Do you at least have supply drops near you? I live in a pretty rural area too, and just a minutes’ walk away there’s a vast stretch of nothingness with absolutely nothing. If you live in that sort of place then *** (the forum doesn’t allow religious references) help you.

I also relied heavily on trips to school for hunting, but now Giga scents allow me to complete my missions and get local DNA.

There’s nothing in JWA in these areas either…

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I don’t think so. You just need a road and drops will spawn. I’ve been in many areas in JWA, including cities, towns, villages and countrysides, and I’ve never seen an empty road. Even closed, nonpublic roads are filled with drops.
If we are talking about areas without roads, then sorry but it can’t work different. Supply drops outside roads would encourage people to enter forbidden or private areas

I prefer rural over city play.
Finding a 11 some odd mile country road with telephone poles in the middle of nowhere completely trumps down town savannah.
It’s like the exact opposite of Pogo for me.

I think some remote roads don’t have drops, but I see what you mean.

I have many empty roads on my map, also we have at least one drop that’s on a private property. And when you reach a point where there are drops they are all in that one spot on that road.

Some small ones can be empty, I have one such road in my village.
But every bigger one has drops and dinos, and almost everyone has such road nearby. I mean, you must be connected to the rest of the world lol

Yep I live in the middle of nothing with a tiny dirt road going by and into the corn fields and forest and the dirt road is full of drops and spawns. I have 14 drops I can reach from my room with the increased range and when I go to the city there’s nowhere near as much stuff. The only thing is that the city has some parks which thera are none near me obviously. On the other hand PoGO map is empty around me for miles and miles

For some who speak of drops, i would like to say that i live by one road, yet it had no drops or spawns. Im not saying it should change, just saying this to see how many experience the same thing.