Russian language is so awful!


Have you done it with Google translate? Because it’s so lousy, with so many errors, weird phrases, like it’s made by a machine translator. And the font is absolutely detestable. :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

How do I change it back to english? Now the game looks like a cheap plastic toy, bought at AliExpress for 0.99$

The whole russian community laughs at this rough translation :rofl:


Do you know how you’ve translated the second skill? Denudation of a weakness. :joy::joy::joy: Denudation! :rofl:


Hey Rodion_Ivanov, thanks for reporting this! Our team is working hard on improving the translation for the different languages, and it’ll be helpful if you sent them an email, titled “Translation,” with your screenshots. They can be reached here at


Don’t know if this is how you do it but perhaps if you change the language of the device to English it will change the game to English


100% agree! Its awfull!!!
My eyes broke when I saw the update in russian!
I do not want to change the phone language because of the one game!!

Every time when I open the game and see this total incorrect language I just dont want to play it!!

Just change it back to english pls!!!:cry::cry::cry: