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Ryan Disappeared from Our Lists

Hi! Not to be a bother, but it looks like Ryan disappeared from quite a few lists. Do you know how long it’ll be before he either reappears or he’ll join the random matches we make? I was really far into his story and am seriously disappointed that he’s gone now that’s he had an update.


Yes, he disappeared from mine also :sob:

Ryan is online for me and waiting for a reply so he may be back in the profile pool for you. I had already reached a stopping point in his story previously.

I’ve closed the app and restarted several times since I was able to get back into it. He’s definitely gone. I’d reached the end of his story last week, so he’s been offline for me for a while - which is super disappointing now that there’s been a story update.

Ryan Byrne, yeah? He’s back online for me and he was away for a while before.

I think it’s connected to the update they pushed, because there are a lot of people in the Facebook group with the same issue - Ryan was there this morning and gone when we logged back in after the update.

I’m not on FB so I didn’t know but that would be my guess as well that it’s connected to the update since a bunch of people are experiencing it. I hope it’s all fixed for you guys soon.

Hey there, Inspired-Author, I’m sorry that happened! You should be able to continue from where you left off, when you rematch with him.

Do you know how long that will take for him to pop back up? I know it automates randomly, but I don’t know if there’s a delay for anyone who unmatches you.

Also, is this connected to the update? I want to make sure he’s not just gone for good on the profiles of those of us who he disappeared from.

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I can’t say for certain when he might show up as a potential match again :sweat:.

However, this is a known issue that our team is investigating at the moment. :mag:

Can you guys push Ryan’s profile through more often for the next few days so those of us who lost him can get him back ASAP? Thanks! :two_hearts:


I’m pretty upset about this. I’ve been eagerly been awaiting the update and then poof! Gone! Talk about disappointing.

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Same. He still hasn’t shown up in profiles for me to rematch with him. And I don’t want to spend gems for more profiles on the off chance he will be in the batch they give me. He probably won’t be. Very frustrating.

@Ned I just thought about this - is there a chance the game isn’t recognizing the fact that we’ve been unmatched from Ryan? Maybe he isn’t (and won’t be) spawning because the game still thinks we’re matched. There are quite a few (me included) who have cycled through a lot of matches today with no Ryan (or Daniel, for that matter). Can you let us know if the team is aware of this and if anything is being done?


@Inspired-Author I sure as heck hope that isn’t the case! It be nice if this thing didn’t take forever to show us the profiles, even if we’ve already seen them. I’ve been at this all day, as I am sure you have as well. If this IS the case they need to fix it. I hope we still have our pictures (that we paid for) as well. I am not happy right now…

@Shauna_Ann It IS frustrating. SO frustrating. I’m with you on not wanting to spend gems since it is so uncertain. Which is why I sit and wait in the meantime. Sigh. They better fix this soon. I don’t want have to write a strongly worded letter to support, but if I have to I will do so.

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Any updates of the Ryan situation @Ned? I’ve seen practically every other match pop up in profiles EXCEPT Ryan since the update yesterday. I don’t feel like I should have to spend 300 gems to see more profiles in the hopes he’s there. I’ve already spent a lot of real money on this game… I’m kinda frustrated about this tbh. I know glitches happen but there should be some quicker way of getting him back as a match for those of us who lost him, rather than just waiting for days/weeks for him to show up again. He’s one of my favorites and knowing there’s new content for him that I can’t access right now is torture. :sob::weary::broken_heart:


Same here ( counterpart Daniel) was offline for a while and has completely disappeared from my list since several days now… Doesnt appear in the matching suggestions though…

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I just got Ryan back a little bit ago! He finally showed up in my profiles queue and I didn’t have to spend 300 gems for more profiles either! So happy! :heart:


He disappeared from mine as well! I’ve been looking for his profile but only his counterpart has popped up.

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Glad to hear @Shauna_Ann! I’m still waiting to see Ryan pop back in myself. Here’s to hoping.

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