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S-DNA Lottery: Deal or no deal?


Today’s lottery includes one for S-DNA (monolophosaurus, to make the monstegotops herb super-hybrid).
Dino bucks, $3200 for 10 tickets, $6400 for 20.
I love the monostegotops for nice balance between health and strike power.
Already got a 20 and a 10, with one more almost hatched.
Been back and forth on whether to jump in or not.
After all, dino bucks ain’t real money anyway.

Minimum reward for this would be all cards of 45 S-DNA = $7.11 per S-DNA (again, in dino bucks).
Of course, more likely than not, one won’t just get the minimal 45 cards only.
Getting all 600cards would be even more ridiculous.
Right now I’m leaning towards going for it.
Will decide tonight.
Feel free to chime in what y’all think.

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I went and purchased 10 tickets best case realistic scenario I calculated like a $3.5/1SDNA, worse realistic case was like $6/1SDNA. If I saw a trade in the trade harbor that offered something in the middle of that I would probably do it. Also based on the fact that I can usually earn between 20-35 SDNA a day through code 19 missions, if I get more than 490 SDNA doing this it is like 3 weeks worth of code 19 functions.

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$7.11 per was the absolute worst case scenario. Besides, this also moves the needle on the bar towards the weekly diamond pack. Nowadays, I no longer hit the target, rather pay the difference in bucks. Anyway, I think I’ll go all in and get 20 tickets on this. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.


Hello @Sionsith. After I’ve seen your calculation I made this deal too. Thanks.


12 x 45 = 540
6 x 60 = 360
2 x 225 = 450

Total = 1350

Average = $4.74 per

Good for one monostegotop and then some.
Beefs up my always a bit weak herb team.


Thanks for the results @DinoStan !!!


I did slightly better:

  • 4 x 45
  • 4 x 60
  • 2 x 225
    For total of 870
    About $3.68 DB / 1 SDNA

I bought 14 tickets.

10 x 45 = 450
4 x 60 = 240

Total = 690.

I didn’t buy any dinobux, however I’m slightly disappointed that my 14 tickets didn’t yield any 600 SDNA, or one 225 SDNA at the very least.


But of course, sith, you always get the best deals, like tournament packs and all. :upside_down_face:
Anyway, given the rarity of the S-DNA and presuming true randomness in prize distribution, similar lotteries should be worth the while in future.

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