S-DNA pack not continue?

After having indo then mono, I was hoping for the s-dna packs to continue to be able to purchase. Guess not.


I totally agree. Why Ludia ? Why you removed these S-DNA packs ? Do you think that we only wanted Monostegotops and Indoraptor ? I was saving DNA only for Kaprosuchus S-DNA . Please offer them again for the rest super-hybrids . Please :pray:


I really wish they would come back. Thinking about the 4 types and long term lineup and how the VIPs factor in. If I can get all the sdna I need of all 5 then apatosaurus or prestocuchus seems like the obvious vip to buy with 20k packs due to the unique stat line vs same types. Presto probably though. I’m glad I did 10k packs for a long time to build a broad lineup but long term, presto and possibly apato seems like the best and worth doing for 20k packs.

I agree. I liked these packs, though I am almost sure at this point that they have nerfed the SDNA chances you get in Modded PvPs. My ‘actual’ percentages of getting SDNA have dropped considerably. They weren’t ever close to what they show, but now have gotten even worse.

Got lots of 40 DNA, 40LPs, 10 DBs, Aerotitans, Diplotators and Ophiacodons though. Woopee!

Modded PvP can be really annoying. For some weeks I tried to get at least 50 sarcosuchus S-DNA per day from it and I had to win at least 3 battles per day in order to get that reward .There were days that I won 6 battles with no sarcosuchus S-DNA for reward . At some point I got tired … We definitely need S-DNA packs for DNA ! I can’t do so much modded PvP :cold_sweat:

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Played 9 modded PVP battles today and got…(drumroll)…8 dinos who had a combined chance of 19% each time and 1 40 LPs. None of the dinos were Legendary either. So yeah, Ludia is clearly not running with the 45% chance of SDNA each time.

Hey @Ned are you able to tell us if the sdna packs for dna will ever come back?

Mainly concerned about euop sdna to load up on the highest hp bird to balance with glass cannon metra

I have already asked @Ned and they confirmed that the packs will come back . The answer I got was specifically this " thanks for the feedback! I’ll share this with our team. They should be available again. However, I can’t make any promises on when they might return. :sweat:"

I just hope to do that soon … There is no reason to offer only S-DNA for Monostegotops and Indoraptor.

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Awesome, thanks!!